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Treatment in Homoeopathy differs from other ways of chiefly by its Individualistic, Comprehensive & Holistic approach to the roots of illnesses. Even when there are some general treatment methods for some specific diseases followed by age old practitioners from their experiences; the "general rule" in Homoeopathy is considering each patient Individually and Holistically for his/her treatment.Homoeopathy treats the "Man in Disease" rather than the "Disease in Man".

Homoeopathy stresses upon prevention of disease; than treatment after incurring the disease. Thus Homoeopathic treatment is aimed at improving the natural immunity of the person. Nowadays most ailments are created due to an unhealthy lifestyle or from side effects of unjudicial use of strong medication ; Homoeopathic treatment offers a perfect solution to these ailments. In children's ailments; Homeopathic Doctors has become the first preference world wide and this is only because it is the second largest accepted way of treatment. Homeopathy covers treatment areas like geriatrics, women ailments and even contagious diseases. In method of treatment, Homeopathy considers individual first and then physical symptoms and finally uproot the causes of diseases especially in chronic cases.

In Homoeopathy it is said that, "There are no diseases but only sick individuals" -- This quote only mentions the emphasis that Homoeopathy has for each individual in his/her disease. For a Homoeopath the symptoms of the patient is of more value than the diagnostic name of the disease. Diagnosis helps thoroughly but finally for a Homoeopath it is the presenting features of the patient that helps the physician to find the accurate medicine that could give relief to him/her. Being Honest and completely co-operative to the doctor during homoeopathic treatment always proves beneficial. Feel completely comfortable in saying out your symptoms, no matter how minute or irrelevant that symptom might feel to be.

Homoeopathy proves beneficial in acute as well as chronic illnesses. By Homoeopathic treatment the body's immunity is boosted up to act favourably in curing the diseases. The Medicines and dosage are extremely harmless and prove safe and beneficial to all persons including new borns and pregnant women.

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